2009-05-21 20:27:27 by SonicFan684

Well, I had that problem where you log in with the right information, but it just reloads the page or gives you a message that says you need to log in first. Well, I got that problem, and I found out why. My mom blocked the site. That included cookies, which was the main thing. So I unblocked everything except the cookies. Lol. I didn't know that was required. But I googled it and I found this: .php
I saw the cookies thing and though "Oh, maybe I should check THAT." So I checked it. And it worked. And I did a little dance and stuff. :D So I've unblocked it. >:D My mom might block it again though. But I'll just unblock it again. >:) Lol. She blocks it because she doesn't like the blood and crap. I tell her I'M FRIKKIN 14, I CAN HANDLE THIS STUFF. But she says since the economy is bad people have been going crazy and she thinks I might turn out to be one of them. but I said "That's just frikkin retarded." Anyway, I'm working on a series called The Human Monstrosity. You can read about it here:
http://fretsonfireuser414.deviantart.c om/journal/24643148/
And yes, that's my DeviantArt account. Also I will upload a picture of one of my WIP videos soon. Laterz!



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