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O. M. G.

2009-09-11 18:24:25 by SonicFan684

I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. At school, I was chatting with my friends and I said "I WISH I HAD PHOTOSHOP!" And one of them pulled out a CD and said it had the installer on it. SOOOOOOO I came home and installed it, and that wasn't all. I found the installers for Illustrator AND Flash 4! OMG I'M SO HAPPEH! X3


2009-06-19 16:29:22 by SonicFan684

I am so bored. I'll upload stuff to my NEW YouTube channel soon. Yup, it got disabled because of YouTube's STUPID-ASS copyright shit. I found a tutorial on getting your audio back and I used it on too many videos and, well you know what happened. Just go here:
This is my new one:
I chose that name because it's my name on ROBLOX. Yup, I'm a dude who likes kid's stuff (sorta). XD
Anywayz, ta-ta for nao!


2009-06-16 18:30:56 by SonicFan684

I REALLY need money for Flash. Maybe I'll get a job or work for money...

Another project...

2009-05-31 00:31:52 by SonicFan684

Will probably be submitted before Madness Caramelldansen. *shrugs*

Madness Caramelldansen coming up

2009-05-28 18:56:55 by SonicFan684

I know there's already one up, but it's the full song. Still working. May be delayed a bit though.
EDIT: Okay, a LOT of delays.

Series coming up...

2009-05-25 00:35:13 by SonicFan684

I'm making a series that's based off of rogerregoroger's sonic in minutes thing. it's pretty much the same thing, only with MY voice and with the MADNESS series. Lol. Working on first one now...

Why must I even bother asking...BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET!

2009-05-23 18:24:59 by SonicFan684

I don't even know if I should just make frames in Paint.NET or something like that, or if I should just use sprites in Pivot or TISFAT or something. I need suggestions. In fact, what the hell, DROWN ME IN SUGGESTIONS. This guy at the bottom probably doesn't even care. Lol.

Why must I even bother asking...BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET!

To: Kailey Clark

2009-05-23 00:51:08 by SonicFan684

OK, I know you want to meet me, but my mom is overprotective, and obviously she won't let me meet people on the internet. Lol. But you can email me. Plus, I am only 14 and I will never take the risk of lying to that site claiming I'm 18 years old. If you other guys don't understand, there's a screenshot of the message at the bottom.


To: Kailey Clark


2009-05-21 20:27:27 by SonicFan684

Well, I had that problem where you log in with the right information, but it just reloads the page or gives you a message that says you need to log in first. Well, I got that problem, and I found out why. My mom blocked the site. That included cookies, which was the main thing. So I unblocked everything except the cookies. Lol. I didn't know that was required. But I googled it and I found this: .php
I saw the cookies thing and though "Oh, maybe I should check THAT." So I checked it. And it worked. And I did a little dance and stuff. :D So I've unblocked it. >:D My mom might block it again though. But I'll just unblock it again. >:) Lol. She blocks it because she doesn't like the blood and crap. I tell her I'M FRIKKIN 14, I CAN HANDLE THIS STUFF. But she says since the economy is bad people have been going crazy and she thinks I might turn out to be one of them. but I said "That's just frikkin retarded." Anyway, I'm working on a series called The Human Monstrosity. You can read about it here:
http://fretsonfireuser414.deviantart.c om/journal/24643148/
And yes, that's my DeviantArt account. Also I will upload a picture of one of my WIP videos soon. Laterz!



2009-05-02 16:14:40 by SonicFan684

OK, I know, I know. I haven't uploaded SH*T AT ALL. But it's not my fault my mom can't afford it. I guess only time will tell.